Full Membership vs Fair Share Memberhsip

As a new union employee you must choose either joining LELS as a full-dues paying member or Fairshare Membership.

The monthly full membership dues are $49.00 per month for full-time employees, $28.05 per month for part-time employees. As a full dues member you can serve as a Union Steward and assist in the negotiation process, you will have an opportunity to attend our Annual meeting, held in the early spring each year, you can vote on elected officers and tentative agreements, in other words participate in the running of your local union,  and you will have access to training paid by LELS.

The fair-share deduction is $34.71. Please note fair-share members are not covered by the Legal Defense Fund. nor can they participate in the running of their local, they will not have the right to vote on issues or on elected officers, they can not be steward or an elected officer in any way and their MPPOA membership is not paid by LELS. 

Whichever you choose LELS will represent you in grievance issues and contract negotiations with your employer