Fidelity Blueline Mortgage

In 1999 Fidelity Blueline Mortgages began serving local LawEnforcement when they extended to their members a real discount on purchase, refinancing and construction loans. They have helped Law Enforcement family of all ranks, from their first day on to street to retirees.  Fidelity is a full-service mortgage banker that has closed on mortgages for thousands of law enforcement officers.  This service has a total lender fee of $995, you pay it once and you never pay again.  No matter how many times you buy or refinance.  The benefit includes purchase or refinance, cashout or not cashout.  For more information click on these links:

Fidelity Blueline Mortgage Minnesota General Flyer

Fidelity Blueline Mortgage Newsletter

or contact Fidelity Blueline Mortgage, Inc. directly at 815-623-8887.




I just wanted to send a note about Fidelity BlueLine Mortgage. I saw on the LELS website the offer from BlueLine so I gave them a call to see what they could do on refinancing my home. Not only were they able to help me but they saved me thousands of dollars a year!!

The process was smooth and easy. Everyone I worked with at BlueLIne was nice, they all knew all about my refinancing and they knew what it took to get the job done. I was able to do all the paper work (which was very little), and get the whole thing done in a months’ time.

Fidelity BlueLine Mortgage is a great product and service that you have made available to our membership, thank you for making this available to LELS members. Anyone who chooses to use Fidelity BlueLine Mortgage I believe will be happy.


Marty Earley, Bloomington Police Department.