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LELS Board of Directors

Law Enforcement Labor Services, Inc. is Minnesota's union specializing in representing law enforcement personnel.  LELS Members make decisions that run the union.

Our members have the right to the presence of an LELS representative if you are being questioned regarding an incident which could lead to disciplinary action against you.


Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

Law Enforcement Labor Services (LELS), founded in 1977, represents the interests and priorities of its members. LELS provides professional legal representation and advocates for its members, negotiating safer working conditions and competitive compensation and benefits. LELS values the courage, compassion and professionalism of its members.

Our Vision:

Law Enforcement Labor Services (LELS) builds and sustains the trust of its members by improving their working conditions and benefits and by providing effective legal representation. Employment contracts are negotiated with management in good faith and with the members’ best interests at heart. LELS honors and upholds the profession of law enforcement, ensuring all those who serve have the necessary support, tools and confidence to protect the lives, property and dignities of others.


Elected stewards and officers provided P.O.S.T. license training opportunities sponsored by LELS, as well as additional training for all members.

We now have new tools for you to interact with other members and quicker, easier ways to find the information you need. Visit our Message Forum to chat on topics with other members. If you are looking for files or resources from us be sure to look in our Resource Library where you can download the file directly to your computer.


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